What is ARK's business continuity plan?

ARK’s Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”) provides ARK with the policies and procedures to implement and follow in case of a business interruption in its primary place of operations. The primary objective of the BCP is in the event of a business interruption to: (a) minimize the impact of the interruption; (b) sustain a minimally acceptable level of service for an extended period; and (c) return to normal business activities as quickly as possible.

The BCP sets forth a plan of action for ARK personnel in the event of any loss of ARK’s primary physical facilities, operational capabilities and/or key personnel. ARK’s Emergency Response Team is collectively responsible for serving as the primary resource in furtherance of its BCP. ARK’s BCP covers, among other things: disaster notification/reporting; disaster operational and communication capabilities; data, financial and information resources; training; third-party management; recordkeeping; personnel management; and testing.