What is Disruptive Innovation?

ARK believes disruptive innovation is the introduction of a technologically enabled new product or service that should change an industry landscape by creating simplicity and accessibility while driving down costs.

Today, we identify multiple innovation platforms evolving at the same time: DNA Sequencing, Automation, Energy Storage, Next Generation Internet, Blockchain Technology. Innovation enables industry growth, facilitates convergence across different sectors of the economy, and drives long-term investment opportunities. Over time, innovation should displace industry incumbents, increase efficiencies, and gain majority market share. For that reason, ARK focuses on innovations centered around robotics/automation, energy storage, genomic sequencing, and next generation internet technologies, including deep learning, mobile connected devices, and blockchain technology, all of which are converging to change the way the world works.

For instance, ARK believes advancements in robotics and automation, modern infrastructure, 3D printing, and energy storage technology are transforming manufacturing and production in the U.S. and across the globe. Similarly, “Next Generation Internet” technologies, like deep learning, are transforming every sector of the economy and immersing us in an entirely digital world. These innovations are changing the way we manage data, purchase goods, and communicate across the globe. Finally, genomic sequencing is revolutionizing the way biological information is collected, processed, and applied; restructuring health care, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and enhancing our quality of life.

ARK aims to capture the growth associated with disruptive innovation, providing investors an opportunity to invest in the future today.