How often is the portfolio rebalanced?

ARK uses its own scoring system to continuously value companies and monitor the underlying investment thesis. As scores change, ARK’s Investment Team adjusts stock positions in the portfolio. ARK believes that its consistent investment process and active management of high-conviction portfolios capitalizes on rapid change and avoids industries and companies likely to be displaced by innovation.

The actively managed ARK ETFs (ARKK, ARKQ, ARKW, ARKG, ARKF, ARKX) may trade during market hours and therefore portfolio holdings can change daily. Our fund holdings are updated at the end of every trading day. ARK provides the latest trades for the current trading day. Investors can sign up for our trade notification emails here.

The index ETFs (PRNT, IZRL) are designed to track an index. Index rebalancing takes place quarterly. For more information please read the fund documents.