What is ARK’s value proposition for obtaining access to high-quality private companies?

Even before launch, we have built a network with top-tier venture capital funds globally, as we believe our value proposition complements that of traditional venture capital funds. We believe ARK’s long-term investment outlook and platform to enable companies to tell their story to the world is unique and appreciated by other venture capital firms.

Portfolio companies can tap into ARK’s years of proprietary research expertise and network of co-investors, public and private companies, founders, and academics. They also benefit from ARK’s brand awareness among retail investors and social media presence.

As an evergreen public-private crossover fund, the ARK Venture Fund can hold shares of companies throughout their private and public market lifecycle, from early stage to potentially mega cap, without the need to sell out after private company initial public offerings (IPOs).

ARK can increase exposure in newly public portfolio companies through the ARK ETFs and other public equity strategies dependent on investment strategy and corresponding selection criteria.